20 reasons why brand work with influencers

20 reasons why brand work with influencers

In today’s digital age, influencers have become critical support for brands aiming to improve their visibility, engage with their target audience, and push sales. These social media characters wield significant influence over their followers, making them invaluable partners for brands across various industries. Let’s delve into 20 compelling reasons why brands eagerly collaborate with influencers.

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They generate sales

Many brands are using influencer marketing for good reason: it generates sales. From the minute an influencer talks about your product or service, sales generation starts. Depending on the influencer’s channel and the length of the campaign, sales will be generated immediately, in bursts, or over a number of weeks.

They build brand awareness

Influencers are important in connecting a brand with its target audience. They not only develop leads and sales, but also create brand awareness that exceeds traditional PR techniques, such as press releases. In today’s crowded retail and eCommerce industry, achieving maximum exposure and brand awareness is crucial. To exemplify, take a look at our case study, where we utilized influencer marketing to reach nearly 1 million consumers and successfully increase brand awareness.


Influencers enable brands to reach potential customers beyond other marketing channels, thanks to their vast follower bases.

Targeted Audience

Influencers are ideal partners for brands targeting specific demographics or interests due to their specialization in niche markets.


Influencers foster meaningful interactions between brands and consumers by driving high engagement levels through likes, comments, and shares.

SEO Benefits

Collaborating with influencers can enhance a brand’s SEO by increasing online visibility and generating backlinks.


Content Creation

Influencers produce authentic and visually compelling content that showcases brands.



In comparison to traditional advertising methods, influencer marketing has a higher return on investment (ROI) and is more cost-effective for brands.


Innovative Campaigns

Influencers bring fresh perspectives and creative ideas to marketing campaigns, helping brands stand out in a crowded digital landscape.


Influencer Networks

Brands can simplify the collaboration process by using influencer networks or agencies to find the most appropriate influencers for their campaigns.

They are creative

There are millions of influencers across various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest and blogs. In order to distinguish themselves from the competition, influencers need to be creative throughout all stages of content development. Creativity is a must-have skill for producing a large volume of unique content, and it’s something that influencers must practice constantly.


They know their audience

Working with an influencer who has a good understanding of their audience can help you determine who your collaboration will reach. For instance, if you are targeting fashion-forward women, stay-at-home mothers, or creative business people, the influencer can provide valuable insights into their followers and help you engage with them more effectively.

Data and Analytics

Influencer marketing platforms offer brands valuable data and analytics to measure campaign effectiveness and optimize future strategies.

Community Building:

Brands can utilize influencers to create communities around their products or services, fostering a sense of belonging among consumers.

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